Restoration of the Seven Kingdoms

Assemar/Enterond Contracts Complete!

After several days of scouting and bringing in reinforcements The Mercenaries of Obton formed a new team for the Assault of Farglow Keep. Craggy and Cloud stayed to lead the assault. Kavi’kai a goliath Warden, Kumiko the Half-Elf with her large cat companion, Ace W. the Deva Druid, and Pip the Halfling Bard all joined the team.

After weighing their options the adventurers decided on the direct approach and assaulted the guard tower while the guards had come down to the slop wagon for lunch. It was a furious attack and the adventurers were victorious but tired. They devised a plan to camp in the caves of the mountain pass and allow the next days patrol to pass them by before heading for the keep itself.

Disguised as members of the hand the group tried to trick their way into the keep only to found out when Orog the large Orc champion saw through the ruse. Crathlorth the old orc mage quickly sent his guards after the intruders, but through superior tactics and strength of will the heroes prevailed.

They soon found themselves in middle of the keep courtyard where an old goblin was training new recruits. While the old veteran tried to put up a good fight the new recruits were no match falling quickly to the war hardened mercenaries. The party then broke into the Temple where Kerek the Deceiver was hold up. There they struggled against Kereks body guard, a Bronze Warder, and his three Silver assassins. After a long and difficult battle the heroes managed to corner Kerek just as he was about to teleport to safety back to his home plain. Craggy delt the final blow causing Kerek’s guardian to become inert.

The Assemar Contract was complete!

While the active party completed the Assemar contract the Enterond contract was completed by Fenrus, Gravis, and Elzalor.

How was the world affected by the heroes’ choices and actions?

The Assemar have gained standing with the small folk of Islan allowing them to increase the size of their standing army and thus increasing their influence in the Council.

The Enterond have quelled rumors that could have harmed their position within the Council and now indebted to the MGO (Mercenaries Guild of Obton).

The Benoth’s trade mission with Metlal was a failure. Their wares were stolen by a bunch of bandits led by a man who calls himself the Red Robin. In will be a long time before Metlal will enter into any trade with Islan again. As a result the Benoth’s influence in Islan as diminished and all merchandise in the kingdom now cost 10% more do to Benoth’s increased overhead.


Craggy made the killing blow as blood was pouring out of his body in multiple places and just before he slipped into unconsciousness for the 2nd time.


Craggy is a beast.


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