Restoration of the Seven Kingdoms

Mystery of Shilous

In celebration of their rousing victory over the plot to destroy Obton the heroes enjoyed a night of drinking and merriment. All was right with the world, until… Fenrus was doing his best to seduce the daughter of the mayor and took her for a late night walk, but before they got to far a strange creature appeared from the shadows demanding that the young girl hand over the amulet she was wearing. A blood curdling scream for the young girl soon brought the other heroes out to investigate just in time to see the amulet ripped from her neck and shatter on the ground.

A blinding white light encompasses the heroes knocking them unconscious. They soon awake finding themselves in a strange land.

After several attempts to figure out where they were about what the world was they set off to the south where they came to a seemingly endless desert. The heroes undaunted by the harsh terrain ventured forth. They soon came upon a caravan of glasshairs and helped to protect them from an ambush by monsters of the desert. They then traveled along with them into Sand City. Here they first heard of the four Sigils of Shilous.

Teerk found himself in love and decided to give up his life as an adventurer and instead try to settle down with a beautiful ironskin, but the groups numbers were not dimished for too long as they met a young monkeykin by the name of Gravis who offered to serve as a scout for the group. His skills were soon put to use as the group took a job from the mayor and went into the Temple of the South and defeated a young Blaze Wyrm to retrieve the Sigil of the South.

The heroes departed from Sand City and returned to the center with a trade caravan. Once at the center they decided to place the Sigil of the South in a appropriate sized stone inset on the South side of the obelisk. The Sigil was locked in place a bright light ushered forth blinding the party for a moment. When they regained their site they saw that all the glasshairs were gone along with their caravan.



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