Restoration of the Seven Kingdoms

Mystery of Shilous [Adventures in Ferlo and Coldcap]

The adventurers then set out to the west. With Gravis as their guide they soon found themselves in the tree city of Ferlo (home of the monkeykin). The heroes soon got a job from the current leader of the monkeykin who asked them to travel to the western tower and defeat the Hippogriff that guards the tower and return its smell glands to him to be used in a prank to shame a rival family. The heroes climbed the ten story tower and bested the Hippogriff and obtained the Sigil of the West at the same time.

After returning to Ferlo Gravis took an odd glowing organ they found in the guardian Hippogriff to a local shaman who turned it into a potion that granted Gravis the power of flight. Though his evil nature soon became apparent is the power manifested as two bat wings. It was also revealed that Gravis may be the monkeykin champion. The heroes had a wonderful time at the festival which is more than can be said of the rival family who was shamed after the ruling family successfully planted a perfume that made them smell so bad they caused others to get sick. Once a messenger returned from Sand City the heroes learned their actions with the Sigil of the South had caused all but one glasshair to vanish from the world. The heroes found that the legends they had heard of the four Sigils and the four Champions may have some truth to them after all.

Encouraged to finish what they have started by the lone glassahair survivor (Contrak) the heroes set off for the city in the north.

The adventurers reach Cold Cap and meet up with Teerk who tells them the leader of the ironskin is also the high priest of Kord and he will want to speak with them. The high priest offers to allow his son Wingar to bring the Sigil of the North to meet them at the center once they find they remaining Sigil if they can prove themselves worthy and clear the rock Troll out of the mine.

Never backing down from a challenge the heroes make their way into the mine and after a tough battle destroy the rock troll. (to be continued.)


And Fenrus was raped by multiple Monkeykins in the celebrations that followed.


But it was his own fault for drinking tequila bloody marys with them.


And we didn’t just destroy that rock troll, we made it our bitch. Also I’d like to thank the gargoyles for giving the wizard some troubles. That was fun to watch.


The wizard is not amused. Next time there may be foul odors eminating from a certain dwarf instead of monkeykins.


It’s not the dwarf’s fault the Wizard will screw anything that moves. The fish stop swimming when he comes near a stream.


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