Restoration of the Seven Kingdoms

Mystery of Shilous [Conclusion]

Rebrith... the word was rebirth

Heading out of Coldcap Teerk Ironskin rejoined the party in their quest for the last sigil. When the party arrives at the center they see Contrak preparing himself for what must be done and encourages the party to hurry and retrieve the last sigil. After several days travel the party finds themselves in Ocdoc. A city and up of docks and house boats wedged between the sea and the swamps. Flarespawn spends several hours speaking with the local frogmen and discovers several interesting details of Ocdoc. Ocdoc is ruled by a mob boss named Heywood who operates a import export business and the gambling house at the far end of town. There is a fortune teller boat nearby that is highly regarded. There is a small medical clinic in the city and there is a nightly drinking contest at the Drunken Tadpole.

Gundin and Teerk make their way to the medical clinic to heal the sick and convert some of the local to worship Bahamut. While there they perform several miracles and learn that the sigil of the east is likely in the possession of the local fortune teller Croakess.

Fenrus, Gravis, and Elzalor all head to the gambling house where they all lose some coin on the shell game. Gravis also makes some contacts in the black market trade and arranges to buy several vials of posion. The group reunites and speaks to the fortune teller who tells them that if they can retrieve her onyx orb from a shapshiftting horror of the swamp then she will allow her son Dundlin(the champion of the east) to travel with them and bring the sigil to the center.

Before heading out Flarespawn bests the current champion of Ocdoc in a drinking contest thanks to the slight of hand of his friend Gravis. Fenrus and Elzalor make a tidy sum off their bets while Samantha withdraws her bet in protest to the frogman cheating.

Once in the swamp the next morning the party encounters an enchanting wood nymph the draws them into a trap with some rather nasty clear jellies. The nymph turns out to be the shape shifting hag that stole the onyx orb from the fortune teller and after a long and difficult fight the Hag is over come. Returning the orb to the fortune teller earns her respect and Dundlin is allowed to travel to the center to perform the ritual of legend.

The heroes perform the ritual and are transported under the obelisk, but they are also asked to align themselves with a champion.

Each of the champions faced a difficult challenge they and to overcome but with the aid of the heores they all over came. After their ordeals they passed through a magical door and faced two stone statues that asked them “In a world that should never change filled with creatures that are ever changing how does it return to its natural state.” Gravis remembering the vision he received when he touched the two sigils recalled that the answer must be “REBERTH”. Uttering the phrase the statues allowed the party to pass and address the Nameless Ancient One.

Each of the champions in turn were asked to stay or leave Shilous and all but Gravis chose to stay in their world and rule for the dawn of their new world. Gravis and the other heroes were transported back to The Seven Kingdoms, but 300 years in the future from where they left.

Obton is now a bustling city and the heroes themselves are held as the saviors of the town. They find themselves standing upon their own memorial where according to the people in the street they themselves were just statues. Eloise the, mayor’s daughter, and the worm mage that tried to steal her amulet are still cast in stone. Out from the four story building behind the memorial, with a sign above that reads “THE OBTON MERCENARIES GUILD”, walks a large burly man overcome with joy and emption at the sight of the heroes.

He humbly asks the heroes to take over ownership of the guild and to help train the young adventurers within.



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