Restoration of the Seven Kingdoms

New Beginings

Our heroes have taken over management of the Mercenaries Guild of Obton in the Kingdom of Islan. They soon find themselves in the middle of a political struggle. Obton is unaligned with any family though the Mayor has received pressure from all three families as of late to throw their weight behind one of them and with the return of the heroes of Obton the pressure will only increase.

The guild has outstanding contracts from all three families and a neutral contract. The guild can choose to take up one or more of these contracts (Note: PC characters will only be taking on one of these but your stand-by character will be sent on one of the other contracts).

Assemar Contract

A town on the south eastern peninsula named Fallcrest has come under attack by a horde of hobgoblins. The town’s militia has been keeping them at bay but as of late the hobgoblins have become far more organized and the contract asks that you investigate and eliminate the source of their new found organization and training.

Benoth Contract

The Benoth trading company has recently established a trade route with the neighboring Kingdom of Metlal. Their initial shipment of goods will be travelling to a border town called Tomlak and they need an armed escort to ensure nothing goes wrong.

Enterond Contract

The Enterond have requested the assistance of a discrete set of heroes that can relieve them of a lesser family noble threatening to usurp the ruling family’s power through blackmail and subterfuge.

Neutral Contract

The townsfolk of New Crundon have requested the assistance of the guild. It seems a local necromancer lost control of his work and has unleashed a horde of undead on the town. The necromancer was killed in the initial wave of undead. While the town’s folk are able to keep the town safe they need someone to come and clean out the crypt where the necromancer originally caused the issues and to reverse what he has done.

The guild accepted two contracts.

Craggy, Cloud, Tika, and Clay decided to accept the Assemar Contract and headed off to the South Eastern Peninsula town of FallCrest. After several days of travel they came to a small village whos town square is filled with tents and refugees running from their lands. They quickly learned that what used to be an unorganized group of orcs, goblins, and hobgoblins is now an organized fighting force calling themselves the Hand. While having a meal inside the Frothing Wench the party hears a blood curtling scream from the refigees outside. They are quick to action and save one of the refugees from certain death at the hands of a very tough Orc Cheiftan.

After securing the town the party finds a partially burnt map leading farther east to the mountains. After several more days of travel the find a farm house and are invited in for a meal and shelter for the night. Unfortunately the Hand had been working with the farmer to move weapons for their soldiers and the party was caught in doors as a Hand Patrol came knocking. The party quickly dispatched the patrol and then turned their attention on the older gentleman who was storing the weapons. The Barbarian lost his cool and began trying to kill the old man, but he had a few tricks (also known as repeating cross bow traps) up his sleeve. The Barbarian got even more angry and eventual burnt the man’s house to the ground.

The party was able to acquire a new map from the patrol that outlined their supply routes and led them to a gate tower overlooking the Mountain Pass. There they camp while they work on their next move.

Fenrus, Elzalor, and Gravis accepted the *Benoth contract *and are currently working to complete it.


Craggy didn’t want to kill him at first, just snap a few limbs and take all his weapons/other valuables.

Cross bow traps make Craggy angry.

New Beginings

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