Restoration of the Seven Kingdoms

Siege of Obton

A call went out from Lord Assemar to all worthy adventurers in the Seven Kingdoms to come to the aid of Obton, a small town that was under siege by kobolds.

Samantha Daien a low ranking soldier in the Lords guard was dispatched to lead the assembled adventurers in the effort.

Soon after arriving she met up with some of those that would one day be known as the famous mercenary company Hack n’ Slash Road Show.

Fenrus Stormrage and Elzalor Haruto were two newly exiled Eladrin looking for adventure.

Teerk Soulaxe, Gundin Bundlespear, and Skartuun Strongbad were three dwarves out to gain a fortune so that they could one day reclaim their homeland from a devious bunch of humans that had taken over.

The final member of the company to arrive was Flarespawn Shadowblaze a Tiefling warlock with a shady past.

The adventures soon met the threat of the Kobolds as they attacked the town. Then tracking the kobolds they found their lair and stormed it to find the true source of their power. Finding a young white dragon was a surprise and the adventurers leapt into action, but not before a white scaled dragon born was dispatched to the town.

After besting the dragon they caught up to the dragon born and his gang of human bandits as they reached the town. Heroes stepped in and saved the inn keep from certain death once more.



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